Culture & Personal Values

Posted April 11th, 2011 in Culture & Leadership by William DeMarco

Pearl Buck was a Pulitzer and Nobel prize winning author. Her early twentieth century classic, The Good Earth, is about Chinese culture and personal values.  It is a timeless story about the importance of family, and the conflict between personal hierarchy of values and traditional cultural norms, when confronted with a changing world order.  The story has great relevance today.  It has the ability to transport the reader into a bygone world where people visibly change, yet fundamentally remain the same.

Pearl Buck was truly a woman of inner passion, with a strong values-based compass.  Her legacy in the fields of literature, social commentary, and political activism are well established.  She also made a difference in the quality of life of tens of thousands of mixed-race children.  For more information, take a look at this brief video.

If  you are interested in culture, personal values, legacy, The Good Earth comes highly recommended in either the Pulitzer winning book or 1937 Academy Award winning movie versions.  Meaningful reflections! -Dr. Bill

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