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Welcome to Resources. Here you will find LifesBigQ Review, our quarterly newsletter. It contains both original articles and additional links to materials of interest to the family. Our Resources also contain the TOP 25 lists of our Recommended Reading, Recommended Viewing and Recommended Listening.  The TOP 25 Recommended lists are based on our experience and input from colleagues and associates.  All of the listed Resources are available in libraries, bookstores, and video/audio shops.  For your convenience, we have included an online link for all titles.

While these lists can be of value to all, graduates of our Workshops will likely get maximum benefit from their content. All this material is dedicated to enhancing insight, inspiring commitment, and facilitating action by those in search of answers to the question What Do I Do With the Rest of My Life.

All of our TOP 25 Resources lists are FREE to all members. FREE samples of our newsletter (LifesBigQ Review) and recommended resources lists are available here to non-members as well, followed by a convenient sign-up form. By signing up, you will be given access to our full list of TOP 25 recommended resources and our current and archived newsletters. You will be asked to provide us with your email address so we can keep you informed of additional resource materials when they become available. You can also choose to be/not to be updated on our upcoming Workshops and join/not join our discussion forum. Your contact information will never be offered to a third party, and will only be used by for the purposes you select.


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