Recommended Viewing


A few of the videos listed here are inspirational in nature.  They have been included because they can inspire and demonstrate some “how to’s”. In so doing, they mostly stimulate our mind, with some emotion thrown in.

You will quickly notice, however, that most of our recommended videos are commercially made movies.  This is intentional. workshops focus on finding our life’s passion, identifying our true values, understanding how to overcome our obstacles, and embracing living truly authentic lives. The movies provide stories about how their characters come to terms with each of the concepts studied in  In doing so, the characters act as surrogates for us in their moments of truth.  Beyond all of this, many of these videos are award winners.

I have also thrown in two terrific opera movies about values, passion, intrigue, ethics, culture, life and death.  You get it.  It’s grand opera!  Get out the popcorn and enjoy!  – Dr. Bill DeMarco

[Many of these titles may be available at your local library.]


Shackleton (Widescreen Collector’s Edition)is a dramatization of the failed trans-Antarctic expedition of 1914-1916. As written and directed by Charles Sturridge (Longitude), the production, filmed on real ice floes in Greenland, stays remarkably close to the facts, capturing the look of the surviving expedition photos by Frank Hurley (collected in the book South with Endurance) with great fidelity. Kenneth Branagh makes no attempt at an authentic accent but otherwise gives a powerful impression of a most commanding personality. When the expedition ship Endurance became locked in the Antarctic ice, Shackleton vowed to bring every man home alive, and against virtually impossible odds, including a 700-mile journey in an open boat through some of the worst seas in the world, he did just that. This superlative miniseries realizes the story with production values and cinematography that would not disgrace a big-budget feature (South, Hurley’s 1919 silent movie featuring some motion-picture footage from the expedition, is also available on video). Intense physical drama, strong performances, and Adrian Johnston’s fine score combine here to deeply moving effect, marred only a little by a rushed conclusion. With Roland Huntford, author of the definitive Shackleton biography, as production advisor, this easily stands as the benchmark for all future comparable films. –Gary S. Dalkin lists this video as our inaugural recommended selection because it provides a visual and emotional presentation of the power of personal vision, grounded in personal values, living in personal behaviour.  Our workshops focus on the criticality of authenticity, focus, and action in all our lives. Kevin Branagh gives us a powerful metaphor for our ideal lives as he portrays the “moments of truth” in Sir Ernest Shackleton’s life.  May you enjoy great viewing, meaningful reflections, and authentic behaviour.  -Dr. Bill DeMarco

City of Joy

Success Skills From the Corner Office

Warm Springs

You Can Heal Your Life: The Movie


12 Angry Men (50th Anniversary Edition)

Inherit the Wind 60

Cinderella Man (Widescreen Edition)

Gandhi (Ws Aniv Coll Dub Sub Ac3 Dol)


Puccini – Tosca / Angela Gheorghiu, Roberto Alagna, Ruggero Raimondi, David Cangelosi, Antonio Pappano, Royal Opera

Madame Butterfly (Widescreen)

Shake Hands With The Devil: The Journey Of Romeo Dallaire

Path to War

Miracle Worker


To Kill a Mockingbird (Legacy Series Edition)

Wall Street [2-Disc 20th Anniversary Edition – Widescreen]

John Adams

Trudeau;Pierre Elliott Memoirs

Grapes of Wrath, the

Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story

Into the Storm

Barbarians at the Gate (Widescreen)

Glengarry Glen Ross (10th Anniversary Edition)