Why LifesBigQuestion.com



To Enrich Your Life

In today’s world, it is more difficult to stay connected with what brings joy to our lives. Our workshops and other services provide the time, space, processes, and social networks that can enrich your life.

To Advance Your Career

Ever increasing job-related pressures and uncertainties frequently consume our work lives. This makes it very difficult to differentiate between

  • where your career is going
  • where you want it to go

Our workshops and other services can help identify your difference and provide a planning platform to advance your career.

To Make a Difference

Do you find yourself thinking about making a difference in personal & professional relationships and personal & professional legacy?

We are committed to your

  • finding your passions
  • identifying the obstacles
  • creating appropriate action plans

Naturally only YOU can act on your plan. LifesBigQuestion.com helps you develop the tools and mindset required to make a difference in your universe of relationships.