The Family Business Culture Centre complements and completes the critical role of traditional estate planning.   It focuses on the equally critical people side of legacy planning,  an all too often overlooked yet essential element of success.   We recognize that there are business cultures, family cultures, and family-business cultures, each distinct yet sharing some common characteristics.  All cultures are a unique blend of what has been and what is!  The challenge is to better align what will be with the desired legacy of family business leaders.

All of our Family Business Culture Centre services are built around the lifetime body of work of Dr. Bill DeMarco, a scholar-practitioner in the related fields of culture, leadership, and executive/management succession. Since the early 1980’s, Dr. Bill has worked with a number of highly respected global corporations on identifying the characteristics of their overall culture and the many related subcultures that drive individual and institutional behaviour.   More importantly, he then helped these organizations enhance their effectiveness and internal working relationships.

We offer the following Family Business services:

  • Business & Family Culture Reports
  • Leadership Evaluation & Development
  • Succession Planning & Development
  • Transitional Executive/Management Coaching