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Because of shortened organizational life cycles, higher levels of accountability, and extremely aggressive global pressures on performance, today’s organizations like people are facing their own version of life’s big question. In their case, the question is frequently masked by the jargon of short medium and long term goals, and immediate bottom line results . In reality, organizations, like people, are in search of their vision (Passion), greatly influenced by their traditions (Culture), and bound by their concepts of what good looks like (Experiences).

We offer corporate services which help demystify what is really going on, with a focus on finding the leader within each employee.  We help employees at multiple levels better understand what they really value, how those values fit with their personal/organizational goals, and decide what to do next.

During a consulting career of thirty years, Dr. Bill DeMarco has provided Executive Leadership Education, Strategic HR, Organizational Effectiveness, and Succession Planning expertise to major corporations in Asia, Europe, and North America. He is a former Senior Vice President & Managing Director of one of four strategic business units at Alexander Consulting Group, one of the largest HR consulting firms in the world at the time. Dr. DeMarco has also authored more than seventy company-specific Culture Audits, Organizational Effectiveness Reports, Strategies, Strategy Implementation and Executive Leadership Development Programs for some of the most respected global corporations.

Here is what has been said about our consulting work:

Dr. Bill DeMarco exemplifies what is needed today in most organizations. He consistently demonstrated the critical importance of developing people first and foremost before any organization can truly achieve its target and goalsWithout Bill’s help, we could not have achieved our very ambitious goals of over one hundred million dollars in savings in such a short period of time with almost no loss of personnel .
– Anthony J. Lopes, CIO, Panasonic

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